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February 6, 2023

Minutes of Board Meetings

Cedar Lake Improvement District (CLID) Meeting Minutes held on February 6, 2023, 6:30-8:00 pm at New Prague Public Library. 

Attendees:  Joel Larsen, Tim Schroeder, Paul Hoyt, Pam Caselius, Tim Singleton, Amy Gallagher, and guests Dave Skogland and Ted Schnarre who are CLID residents interested in learning more about the board and future board position openings. This was Dave’s second meeting and he was temporarily voted onto the board to replace Tim Singleton until he can be officially approved at the annual meeting in April.                                                                                                                                                                                      


Treasurer’s Report

WSB Carp Final Report

Lake Survey Update

Board Membership going forward

The meeting was called to order and the first topic was new board membership.  Board members agreed that, in addition to the two potential new members in attendance, we will need to actively recruit for new members going forward.  At present, we have two board members stepping down after this year’s annual meeting (Tim Schroeder and Tim Singleton.)  Singleton has already resigned from the CLID board and his role as the Treasurer for personal reasons.  Two more members will step down in 2024 (Pam Caselius and Joel Larson) and three members are scheduled to step down in 2025. 

Melissa Bokman-Ermer our contact with Scott County, has confirmed they are on track to contribute $5000 to our carp treatment plan (for a total contribution of $7800.) The CLID will need to contribute $12-$13,000 to the five-step plan.  This will be discussed and voted on at our next meeting. All expenses are due May of 2024 for County reimbursement.  Paul Hoyt has agreed to oversee the carp control program for Tim Singleton.

Tim Schroeder confirmed that we are in alignment with the DNR on our Curly Leaf Pondweed treatment plan.  The plan called for a pre- and post-ice treatment.  However, the early ice last November prevented the pre-ice treatment. We are still on track for an ice-out treatment as soon as possible.  We will keep in contact with our vendor, PLM on timing. We will also conduct our own Spring weed survey but that will not affect our early Spring treatment. Joel Larson agreed to monitor ice out conditions on the lake.

Tim Singleton provided an update on the Treasurer’s Report and confirmed that we are in good shape financially.  We currently have $206k in assets. Tim Schroeder discussed that our cash reserve will be depleted over time, but currently it will take us through another 10 years at a projected 5-8% budget increase.  Amy Gallagher has agreed to take on the Treasurer’s responsibilities for Tim Singleton.

Fish houses must be off the lake Monday March 6.  Our annual Lake Cleanup Day will be Saturday, March 11 at 9am. Information will be shared with residents via our invitation mailer to the Annual Meeting.  That meeting will be held April 11th at the New Prague Fire Hall.

The next meeting date was set for Monday, March 6th, 2023 at 6:30 PM at the New Prague Public Library.