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March 12th, 2013

Cedar Lake Improvement District meeting notes from March 12, 2013 6:30 - 8:00 pm at the New Prague Public Library Meeting Room -

Attendees: Tom Heide, Mike Speltz, Marie Jaeger, Lowell Mohn, Dave Nielsen, Brad Eller and Theresa Jacobsen, guest

Agenda Items for discussion:

  • Updates from Melissa and the DNR on Lake Vegetation Management Plan
  • Update on carp seining, winter/spring
  • Carp Fishing Tournament
  • Annual 2013 meeting preparation
  • Website discussion

Mike updated the board on the carp seining project. He advised that the commercial fisherman Don Geyer would be back again on March 16th or 17th for additional sonar testing. Don has agreed to fish Cedar Lake if there are any schools to be found from the sonar tests.

Marie updated the board that the application for the Scott Watershed Management Organization’s Stewards Grant for $2000 was awarded to the CLID. To meet the scope and objectives of the grant, the CLID will use the money for funding a carp bow fishing tournament. We will require a couple volunteers to assist in running the tournament. We already have received some interest from residents to help with eliminating carp from the lake. There should be no cost to the CLID for this event. Brad agreed to take the lead on running/coordinating the tournament as the board representative. He will be meeting with Paul Nelson of SWMO to outline the details/dates of this first carp bow fishing tournament. Dave and Mike will assist Brad as needed.

The agenda for the upcoming annual meeting on April 30 at St. Patrick's Social Hall is as follows:

  1. Treasure's report (Bob)
  2. Election of New Member (Bob)
  3. Carp Seining Update (Mike)
  4. Spraying and Weed Treatment (Tom)
  5. Lake Vegetation Management Plan (Melissa from SWMO or Keegan from the DNR)

Guests to be invited include the following:

  1. Melissa Bokman - SCWMO
  2. Keegan Lund - DNR
  3. Tom Wolfe - Scott County Commissioner
  4. Joe Wagner - Scott County Commissioner

Lowell is getting an updated mailing list from Scott County and sending out annual meeting notice via postcard mailing. Lowell also advised that the only mail the CLID has received this year in the post office box is advertisements.

Marie announced that the CLID website had 1100 hits in the past month and two completed applications for future board positions. Two additional residents had requested information but had not returned applications yet. The final approved Lake Vegetation Management Plan has been posted on the website.

Mike advised that he did attend the last New Prague Sportsman club meeting and that we were inviting their membership to attend our annual meeting.

Tom advised of his recent correspondence with Melissa from SWMO. The SWMO had solicited 5 bids for spraying services for Cedar Lake for the next three years. Of those five, only three responded with bids. Additional information was requested and a contract award should be made within two weeks. A request for spraying permit was sent to the DNR on 2/21/2013. Since the CLID's Lake Vegetation Management plan has been approved by the DNR, there should be no reason for the permit to be denied. Also by March 24ththe CLID should have a status update from Melissa on our joint request for DNR grant monies.

Tom also advised that the plan is to spray the original east bay again this year along with 100 acres on the south end of the lake. This 200-acre coverage coincides with CLID's original master plan as presented and approved by the residents at last year’s annual meeting. Melissa has already sent out postcards to the residents affected on the south end of the lake advising them of these plans and if they don’t want their shorelines treated, they need to contact her to be excluded.

Tom also advised that Melissa still needs a new volunteer to do the bi-weekly lake sampling starting in April through October. The previous volunteer was injured and will not be able to do it this year. As a last resort, Melissa has volunteered to come out and do the sampling every two weeks herself, but would need someone to take her out into the lake since she does not have access to a boat.

The next board meeting is April 9, 2013.