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May 14th, 2013

Cedar Lake Improvement District meeting notes from May 14, 2013 6:30 - 8:00 pm at the New Prague Public Library Meeting Room -

Attendees: Tom Heide, Mike Speltz, Marie Jaeger, Lowell Mohn, and Brad Eller

Agenda Items for discussion:

It was agreed that board members felt that the annual residential meeting held on April 30 was well attended (approximately 75 in attendance) and residents were satisfied with the information shared about the progress of the lake’s projects. All questions by residents were addressed. It was agreed that Melissa of SWMO and Keegan of DNR did an excellent job of answering audience questions about the lake treatment plan and ongoing efforts and they should be included as guests at future meetings.

Melissa and Keegan completed the spring inspection of the curly leaf pondweed growth during the first week in May. They noted that the turion was lagging behind normal stage due to the late spring; thus, the DNR was requesting a later application of the treatment by PLM. Keegan was going to complete the formal report to the DNR and then Melissa was going to contact PLM to arrange for the treatment of the two areas this year.

Tom and Mike, as Chairman and Treasurer, will be reviewing and signing the 2013 lake treatment spraying agreement with Scott County and the Watershed Stewards Grant Agreement for funding the initial carp kabob tournament. They will also be getting the checkbook from Bob Vanasek, the outgoing treasurer, and meeting at the bank to sign required updated paperwork this week.

Mike reported that Don, the commercial fisherman, did not complete the carp seining this spring after the ice out and before the opening fishing weekend. Once sport fishing is allowed, carp seining isn’t allowed again until fall since it would interfere with recreational fishing. Don missed this window of opportunity. Mike plans to verify with Don later this summer when he plans to seine in the fall and invite Don to a board meeting to explain his intent to seine.

Brad reviewed the preparations for the first Carp Kabob Tournament to be held at the end of the week. He was in need of a few volunteers for specific duties on Saturday which were filled by the various board members. He discussed the prize money that will be awarded on Saturday and then reimbursed by the Watershed Stewards Grant. He was also meeting with the Three Rivers Park staff on Wednesday to finalize where the participants were to dock their boats and have their carp counted and largest carp weighed. Carp disposal process will also be discussed at that meeting. The other board members complimented Brad on his time and efforts expended to make this tournament a success.

Lowell recommended that the treasurer should review the expenses/income of the CLID on a quarterly basis with the board and everyone was in agreement with that suggestion.

An issue with overcrowding of the boat landing by shorefishermen at the northwest corner of the lake was discussed. Specifically, the possibility that more people have shifted from using the north end along 64 now that there are no parking signs. The effect is that a lot of people are congregating on the short dock at the ramp and may be impeding boat launching. A possible solution may be to inform the public of the public fishing pier at Cedar Lake Farm through some time of signage on the north end and/or at the West launch. Tom was going to contact Keegan at the DNR to let him know of the problem and see if that’s something they should be addressing. Also discussed was informally documenting public use numbers for a short period of time (as an informational item). The CLID has nothing to do with overseeing the boat launches or fishing piers.

Next board meeting will be on June 11.