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August 13th, 2013

Cedar Lake Improvement District meeting notes from August 13, 2013 6:30 - 8:00 pm at the New Prague Public Library Meeting Room -

Attendees: Mike Speltz, Marie Jaeger, Lowell Mohn and Dave Nielsen

Agenda Items for discussion:

  • Quarterly Treasurer’s Expense/Income Update
  • Establishment of a Board Manual/Book or Guidelines

Mike presented the treasurer's report. The CLID’s share of the 2013 treatment of 200 acres was $4,672. This was due to a generous grant from the DNR which covered approximately 66% of this year’s treatment. The remaining cost was split equally between the CLID and Scott Watershed Management Organization. Two additional smaller bills were paid: a domain name renewal paid to Market Crosshairs Inc. and our annual post office box. Approval for payment for both was passed.

Mike also advised that Theresa had sorted thru all of the old paperwork that the board has on file and that she had it all organized to include previous minutes, by-laws and a succession plan for board members. The board’s plan is to review and edit the bylaws over the next few months.

Dave brought up the lake condition and the concerns from owners about the algae. After much discussion about the unusual conditions this year that may be the cause Mike agreed to reach out to Melissa at SCWMO to see what she could tell us and what if anything could be done to address it. Marie mentioned that there had been many news articles/stories about algae problems on many state lakes this year so it seems to be a somewhat common issue.

Marie advised we are still pending a plant study from the DNR and that has taken longer than anticipated. She also reminded Mike that he was going to contact the commercial fisherman, Don Geyer, assigned by the DNR to control carp on Cedar Lake as to his plans for carp control this fall and winter. The board wants to hear of his plans and would like him to attend one of our board meetings if possible. Mike was going to contact him and provide an update at the next board meeting

Next board meeting is September 10, 2013.