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October 8th, 2013

Cedar Lake Improvement District meeting notes from October 8, 2013 6:30 - 8:00 pm at the New Prague Public Library Meeting Room -

Attendees: Mike Speltz, Theresa Jacobsen, Dave Nielsen, Marie Jaeger and Brad Eller

Agenda Items for discussion:

  • Update on proposed CLID bylaws
  • Don Geyer to talk about seining plans
  • Mike – Treasures report (bills to be paid if any)
  • Review of DNR plant survey report if available.

Theresa provided an update that she and Lowell had been reviewing various CLID documents from former years in for preparation of establishment of CLID bylaws and had emailed some of those documents to board members earlier in the month for their review. After discussing various aspects to the bylaws, it was agreed that the bylaws should be done in stages over the next few months since there is many aspects to consider. Theresa and Lowell will email each of the board members sections of the bylaws for input and discussion so it can be voted upon at upcoming board meetings.

The board discussed renting a safety deposit box to store CLID documentation in for the protection of documents deemed important to the board's history and/or future operation. Mike is going to check into fees and report back.

Mike advised that Don Geyer, the commercial carp fisherman, was invited to attend this meeting to discuss his plans for carp seining or netting Cedar Lake this fall or winter. He did not attend the meeting. Mike mentioned that Don would not be netting carp this fall but would use sonar to locate carp for winter seining. The board was disappointed that he wasn’t in attendance to answer questions and hopes he will come to a future meeting.

Tom advised via an email to all board members earlier in the day that the DNR had not yet sent the lake plant survey for the board to fully review. He is hoping to have it for our November meeting.

Mike presented the treasurer's report and all paid bills were reviewed.

A motion was brought up and passed that only notices related to the CLID will be posted on the CLID website. Exceptions would be considered if the notice directly impacted the CLID.

Next board meeting is November 5, 2013.