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March 11, 2014

Cedar Lake Improvement District meeting notes from March 11, 2014 6:30 - 8:30 pm at the New Prague Public Library -

Attendees: Tom Heid, Mike Speltz, Dave Nielsen, Marie Jaeger, Lowell Mohn and Gary Morrison, guest

Agenda Items for discussion:

  • Approval of February board meeting minutes
  • Discuss, approve and finalize updated bylaws
  • Update on liability insurance
  • Carp Kabob Tournament Update
  • Reviewed annual meeting agenda.

Gary Morrison introduced himself as a property owner interested in learning more about the board and as a potential applicant for a future director opening on the board.

Dave presented February's board meeting minutes with all suggested edits. Mike made a motion to approve and Tom seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Mike reported that there were no additional expenses or income made to the CLID’s bank account since his last report to the board.

Dave presented the latest draft version of the CLID bylaws based on the changes that were approved from our last meeting. After review of Article 6, Tom made a motion to approve and Mike seconded it. The motion passed unanimously. After review of Article 7, Tom made a motion to approve it and Lowell seconded it. The motion passed unanimously. After review and some editing of Article 12, Marie made a motion to approve it and Dave seconded it. The motion passed unanimously. Dave will bring the final version to our April meeting for the signatures of all directors on the last page of the bylaws. A copy will then be placed on the website.

Mike provided an update on his requests for quotes for liability insurance for the CLID. Liability insurance is a requirement for all lake improvement districts in the state of Minnesota. To date, after five bid requests only two have responded with quotes. One of the two would not be able to provide riders which is something the CLID needs for the carp tournament, renting the annual meeting facility and for a possible ice clean-up event each year. Mike is hoping to have additional quotes by the April meeting so a decision can be made on how to proceed. The ice clean-up day could not take place this year as a result of not having this insurance in place in time but it will be considered again in 2015.

Brad was ill so Marie provided an update on the Carp Kabob Tournament. Brad advised Marie that no city or township permission would be required to have the event. The Scott County Sheriff would require the CLID to have liability insurance for the event which was a change from last year.

Tom advised that the presentation with Scott County on 02/02/2014 for a large grant to help fund projects within the Sand Creek Watershed went well. The WMO made it to the second round of the grant process and attended a meeting/interview process on 2/07/14 in Ramsey County. The meeting included presenting a summary of the CLID and its accomplishments. This summary included weed, carp, and erosion control.

Tom also advised that the CLID had been awarded a $30,000 grant from the DNR for the approved 2014 treatment of the lake. This was the maximum dollar amount allowed this year.

Tom presented suggested changes to the annual meeting presentation from last year's version along with input from all board members. Dave will email a draft to board members for their review and any additional edits prior to the April board meeting.

The CLID annual meeting is scheduled for April 22, 2014 at St. Patrick's Social Hall. Lowell will be obtaining a revised property owner list from Scott County and will mail out a post card in April to all property owners in the district. Marie will also post a notice on the home page of the website.

Next board meeting is April 8, 2014, at the New Prague Public Library.