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November 17th, 2014

Cedar Lake Improvement District meeting notes from November 17, 2014 6:30 – 8 pm at the New Prague Public Library -

Attendees: Marie Jaeger, Gary Morrison, Dave Nielsen, Theresa Jacobsen, Sam Dresow and Jon Nordrum

Agenda Items for discussion:

  • Approval of October’s board meeting minutes, discussion of when to post to website.
  • Treasurer's report
  • Renewal of Certificate of Deposits or moving into savings account
  • Review of 10-year plan/budget that was approved by residents
  • Dam/water outlet question raised by Gary.
  • Decision on dumping into the lake (weeds/leaves/animals).
  • Opinions on electrofishing study
  • Chemical treatment options
  • First annual Winter Lake Cleanup date and ideas
  • Annual meeting preparation

Dave made a motion to approve October’s board meeting minutes and Marie seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Marie made a motion to post previous months minutes after board directors’ email acceptance of final version, Dave seconded.

Dave advised no expenses had been paid and provided bank statements for the board’s records.

Dave stated that he checked CD Rates at both State Bank of New Prague and Round Bank and provided documentation of several options. It was apparent that the best rates would be at the State Bank of New Prague and board members liked the fact that it was local. Dave will do some additional research on penalties for early withdrawal and check into rates on savings accounts as an additional alternative to CD's.

Marie provided a printout and review of 10-year plan/budget that was approved by the residents for the edification of the new board members.

Gary brought up a concern about the dam and water outlet. The board members advised Gary that it was not within the jurisdiction of the CLID since the primary function of the CLID is to improve water quality and that if he felt strongly enough, he should pursue it as an individual homeowner.

Littering of the lake by residents dumping weeds, leaves and dead animals into the lake was discussed. After a past informal discussion among a few board members, Marie had contacted the Scott County Sheriff’s Office to ask if such actions were legal. Deputy Todd Beck is checking with various organizations. If it is considered littering, then he will provide the CLID with information to post on our website. The board is also considering including that information with a letter for the annual meeting mailing so more residents are made aware of it.

The electrofishing study was reviewed.

Chemical treatment options were discussed since it was decided that we should explore other current weed treatments to keep updated on options in addition to what is currently being used. Marie and Sam agreed to do further research for the board.

Gary is the chair of the First Annual Winter Lake Cleanup. Dates were discussed along with ideas of trash removal and help from local groups.

Discussion to move the date of the Annual Meeting from the 4th Tues of the month of April to the 2nd Tues was discussed. Also, optional locations of the meeting and costs were discussed. A decision will be finalized at the January meeting.

The next board meeting will be held Tuesday, January 13th at the New Prague Library.