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Annual CLID Meeting Held April 14, 2015

Cedar Lake Improvement District All Property Owner Annual Meeting notes from April 14, 2015, 7:00 - 8:30 pm at the New Prague Fire Station -

Attendees: Marie Jaeger, Dave Nielsen, Theresa Juhl, Brad Eller, Gary Morrison, Jon Nordrum, Sam Dresow, Melissa Bokman of SWMO, Kylie Bloodsworth of MN DNR, Jenna Tuma of Three Rivers Parks and approximately 24 district residents.

Agenda Items for discussion:

Introductions Marie Jaeger
Potential New Winter Access Point Jenna Tuma
Treasurer's Report Dave Nielsen
Curly Leaf Pondweed Treatment Update Sam Dresow
Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Laws Kylie Bloodsworth
Lake Vegetation Management Plan Melissa Bokman
Carp netting/seining & Carp Kabob Tournament Brad Eller
"Leave No Trace" First Annual Lake Clean-up Gary Morrison
Scott Country Code RED Jon Nordrum
Established High Water Mark Theresa Juhl
Board Member Election Theresa Juhl
Q & A All

Marie introduced the three guest speakers and the directors introduced themselves. Marie then presented an overview of the CLID boundaries, its background/history and Minnesota lake improvement districts in general.

Jenna Tuma from Three River Parks, presented the idea of a winter access on the south side of the lake. At this point it is only a plan and discussion. She also presented the plan for Park improvements including buildings and trails that will take place over the next two years. Finally, she explained the “Let’s Go Fishing” project that they have launched which serves seniors, veterans and disabled individuals providing lake excursions starting June 1st through end of Sept. The project will be run by volunteers whom they are currently seeking.

Dave reviewed 2014-2015 income/expenses versus budget. He also presented the 2016 budget detailing expenses for weed treatment, carp management, liability insurance, and general expenses. Residents unanimously approved it by show of hands. Marie made a motion to approve it with Sam seconding. Motion passed.

Sam reviewed the bids for the 2013-2015 chemical treatments, displayed a lake map detailing the treatment areas, and provided a breakdown of budgeted and actual costs since 2012. He also provided an overview of the 2015 curly leaf pondweed treatment plan which is to treat 500 acres. The areas being treated are 100 acres on the south end of the lake, the adjoining 200 acres to the north of the south area and the center 200 acres north of that. The east bay will be monitored and spot treated if necessary pending DNR approval. Each area is treated over three years per the DNR-approved plan.

Kylie Bloodsworth from the MN DNR spoke about aquatic invasive species, laws concerning the cleaning and draining of boats and water-related equipment, the required 21-day dry time for lifts and docks and the authorization form required to transport such equipment. She also discussed permit requirements for weed removal and treating private shorelines.

Melissa provided an update on the lake and the aquatic plant life. She also provided an overview on the requirements that the CLID and SWMO had to provide in order to be granted a variance by the DNR for treating more than 15% of the lake per year. She reviewed the lake vegetation plan goals and results of annual plant surveys measuring the reduction of curly leaf and return of native plants.

Brad advised that the Carp Kabob Tournament would be held May 15-16 with June 6-7 as back-up dates if poor weather forces postponement. He also advised we are allowing 10 boats this year. Additionally he reviewed the various reasons for the lack of commercial carp seining of the lake over the last couple years and the unsuccessful carp study by St. Mary’s completed in 2014 attempting to estimate the carp population of Cedar Lake. Options and potential plans for future carp control were discussed.

Gary reported on the success of the first annual Cedar Lake Clean-up Day that was attended by approximately 50 volunteers. Both trash containers donated by Lakers Sanitary of New Prague were filled. Additionally it was felt by many residents and the fishermen that the distribution of garbage bags to the ice houses on the weekend of fish house removal had a very positive effect in trash removal.

Jon Nordrum explained the Scott Country Code RED emergency notification system and how to sign up for notifications via text messaging, email or phone messages.

Theresa Juhl explained the established high water mark and how the CLID came up with their recommendation of 943.7 feet to Scott County Natural Resources Department. Once SCNR is able to collect more information this year on the rest of the lakes, there will be a discussion of adding these trigger elevations to an official ordinance. At this time the recommendation from the CLID is not in ordinance, it’s only a guideline if we encounter high water like we did last summer to enact a no-wake restriction. At this time it’s not sure that a county no-wake ordinance will be created in 2015.

Four board members were up for reelection. Marie Jaeger, Dave Nielsen, Sam Dresow and Jon Nordrum. All four were elected by a vote from the property owners in attendance. All terms will be for 3-years with the exception of Jon Nordrum whose term was two years to balance out the board rotation.

Next board of directors meeting is at 6:30 pm at the New Prague Library on May 12, 2015.