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May 10, 2016

Cedar Lake Improvement District meeting notes from May 10, 2016 from
 6:30 – 8 pm at the New Prague Public Library
Attendees: Marie Jaeger, Dave Nielsen, Gary Morrison, Sam Dresow , Barb Novotny
Agenda Items Discussed:

  • Formal approval of web-posted annual meeting minutes
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Lake treatment
  • Carp Kabob Tournament
  • Review of general CLID operations

Marie brought the meeting to order.  Marie made a motion to approve the April annual meeting minutes and Gary seconded.

Dave reviewed income & expenses for April and provided bank statements for the board’s records.   There were no expenses and income was limited to interest earned on accounts.  A copy was given to Barb for filing with board records.

Dave discovered that another local bank was offering a 15-month CD at a higher interest rate than the CLID’s current savings account rate.  He asked if putting some of the savings funds into this CD should be considered.  A discussion was held regarding known upcoming expenses and income expected over the next 15 months.  The board voted that Dave should check further with current bank to verify what they could do.  If after further analysis Dave felt that the moving of some funds to a CD was worthwhile, the board approved moving up to a specific amount.  Marie, the Chair, would also be required to sign any required paperwork to transfer the funds and open up a CD.  Motion for approval was made by Marie, seconded by Gary and approved by all in attendance.

Scott County’s Curly Leaf Project Agreement was discussed and signed by the CLID’s President and Treasurer.   The 2016 curly leaf treatment was completed by PLM on Friday, April 29, and included treating 600 acres.  This is the largest treatment to date and it also included the last 200 acres to be treated for the first time.  Per the plan, each area of the lake is to be treated a minimum of 3 years.  This year, the East Bay and the southernmost 100 acres by Cedar Lake Farm was not treated because they have treated 4 and 3 times, respectively.  Marie recommended that board members and residents should look for any pockets of curly leaf and notify Melissa of SWMO of the locations.

At the annual meeting Melissa had asked for volunteers to suspend zebra mussel traps from their docks and periodically check to see if any were found throughout the summer.  A couple board members asked if there was an update on who was chosen and when the traps would be available.  Marie agreed to send Melissa an email for an update.

Sam reported that the Carp Kabob Tournament final details have been ironed out.  All permits required for the event are in order.  The event is to start at 10:00 p.m. on Friday, May 20, and end at 6:00 a.m. Saturday.   In the event of inclement weather, Sam will decide by May 18 if it should be postponed and rescheduled for the back-up date of June 3.  There will be a maximum of 10 boats participating with 3 boats signed up as reserves.  A grant awarded from Scott Watershed Management Organization and entry fees from the 10 participants will cover the cost of the prize money.   Dave, Marie and Sam agreed to meet later in the week to obtain the prize money.  Some board members volunteered to help Sam with the weigh-in on Saturday morning.  Melissa Bokman of SWMO will be in attendance to weigh, measure and behead the carp and place in individual baggies to aid in the upcoming study of carp.  The company hired by SWMO to start the study this fall asked if she could collect these so they can start early on determining the age range of the carp in the lake.  A few of the board members volunteered to help her with that effort.

A general review of current bylaws was discussed.  It was mentioned that 5 directors should be in attendance at each meeting or meetings would be rescheduled.  Directors agreed to use best efforts to attend to avoid the inconvenience.   November’s scheduled meeting date was changed to November 1 since the 8th is Election Day.
Dave motioned to adjourn the meeting and Gary seconded.

The next board of directors meeting will be on September 13th at the New Prague Library from 6:30-8 p.m.