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October 11, 2016

Cedar Lake Improvement District meeting notes from October 11, 2016
from6:30 – 8 pm at the New Prague Public Library

Attendees:  Marie Jaeger,  Dave Nielsen,  Gary Morrison,  Sam Dresow,  Joel  Larsen,  Barb Novotny and guest Melissa Bokman of Scott Watershed Management Organization (SWMO)

Agenda Items Discussed:

  • SWMO’s Carp Study
  • Overview of Lake Treatment Plan to date and in future
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Review of Bylaws

Marie brought the meeting to order.
Melissa Bokman shared information regarding the current carp study of Cedar Lake.  There are 20 radio-tagged carp in Cedar.  Within the last few weeks, another 120+ carp were netted, fins were clipped and they were returned into the lake for study purposes.  Melissa will be monitoring the movement of the tagged carp for the next few months.  Sometime between late December and early February, the carp will be seined (netted) utilizing the radio-tagged carp to locate where many of them will be grouped to maximize a successful seine.  The clipped carp will provide a more accurate population and biomass quantity of carp in Cedar.  This study has been funded completely by SWMO.

Melissa’s department is just starting the process of updating the SWMO’s Water Management Plan and Scott County’s Comprehensive Plan.   Treatment options for ongoing containment of the curly leaf pond weed and potential other invasive species were discussed.  Everyone agreed that some form of treatments will be necessary to keep the curly leaf from taking over the native plants and lake as it has in the past.  Funding would need to be set aside on a yearly basis by both SWMO and CLID as more of the lake decreases in acreage being treated per the Lake Vegetation Management Plan.  Potential methods of locating areas to spot treat every year were also discussed. 

Melissa also mentioned that SWMO will be having three separate meetings for the public to attend in January for the update of the watershed plan to get the public’s input on what are the issues we should be addressing for the next ten years.  More information on those meetings called “Community Conversations” will be announced in the December County Scene that is mailed to residents.  The board thanked Melissa for attending the meeting and providing this information.

Dave Nielsen then reviewed the expenses and income for the last month and provided copies of the bank statements to Barb for the board’s records.

At the September meeting, the board had unanimously agreed and voted  that formally approving the board’s minutes at the beginning of each board meeting was a duplication of approval and unnecessary.   Before signing off on an amendment, Marie recommended that the board review the complete bylaws for any other potential changes.  No further changes were suggested.  Marie had typed up the first amendment for director’s signatures in the event no other changes were recommended.  However, one minor format change was suggested which will be made and the Amendment will be brought to the November 1 board meeting for signatures.

Marie motioned to adjourn the meeting and Dave seconded.

Due to the library being in use for the November 8 presidential election, the next Board of Director’s meeting will be held on November 1 at the New Prague Public Library starting at 6:30.