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August 30, 2021

Cedar Lake Improvement District (CLID) Meeting Minutes held on August 30, 2021, 6:30-8:00 pm at Paul Hoyt’s home due to COVID.

Attendees: CLID Board Members Joel Larsen, Tim Schroeder, Paul Hoyt, Amy Gallagher, Pamela Caselius, Tim Singleton, Dave Nielsen, and Melissa Bokman-Ermer – Scott County Watershed Management Organization.

-Updates from Melissa Bokman-Ermer (SWMO)
-Lake Weed Survey update
-Spring Weed Treatment
-WSB Carp contract discussion
-Lake Water Quality Conditions discussion
-Levy Update
-Treasure's Report
-Working more closely with New Prague Sportman's Club

Melissa Bokman-Ermer from the Scott County Watershed Management Organization (SWMO) provided an update on zooplankton in relation to lake clarity for Cedar Lake. Zooplankton are tiny micro-organisms near the surface of the water that eat algae. There are 3 types of zooplankton in Cedar Lake and the type most plentiful would indicate a lack of larger predatory fish such as Muskie or Northern Pike, as the algae that they eat is not enough to provide the clarity necessary to help these large fish prosper. This is not something the CLID has oversight on however, so tabled from our discussion at this point on this topic.

Melissa also provided an update on the SWMO/DNR summer lake weed survey that they have not yet completed. Their plan is needed to help solidify our 2022 weed treatment plan for the DNR based on current weed growth. Amy Gallagher stated that a separate summer plant survey the CLID has contracted for (with an independent organization) should be completed in the next few weeks and will be provided to Melissa.

All members agree this will be very helpful since we still have not received one from the DNR and need more data to help determine the best plan of action for treatment as we partner with the county and DNR on our 2022 plan. Melissa is working with her colleagues to complete this as soon as possible.

Tim Schroeder brought up the topic of the summer lake conditions (weeds and water clarity) and wanted feedback from everyone on what the consensus was for this year. All agreed the conditions were poor and the treatment for 2021 using Diquat was not effective whatsoever. This frustrated everyone as far too much effort and dollars have been put into the lake over the past 10 years to allow for this much deterioration. It was determined that the CLID would prefer to move back to Fluoridone or Aquathol for 2022 as these have been proven to be effective for our lake’s conditions. More work will need to be done to determine a treatment plan.

Tim Schroeder and Tim Singleton also provided an updated on the carp project involving WSB and Associates. WSB advised they have found 2 areas of our lake that would be effective for seining with some minor clean-up of debris in the area. One area is at the south end which has a tree under water, that once removed would be clear for netting. The other area is on the north end, but details on what clearing this area involves have not been clarified. This is considered part of the reconnaissance phase of the project. As mentioned in prior meetings the plan involves a two-year strategy to survey the lake for optimal sites for seining/harvesting carp which includes: lake reconnaissance, permits, radio tagging of carp, telemetry, coordination of fishing contractors and a final report.

Tim Singleton provided an update on water clarity and the testing his wife Leighann has been conducting for samples sent to the county for review. In his opinion clarity has been very good and improved over past years. The reason for this is unsure but someone pointed out that lake usage this year has gone down most likely due to the drought. The county tests all samples at year end, so more to come on this topic once they report their results.

Joel Larsen and Tim Schroeder provided an update that the budget levy has been approved for 2021 with the County. This is now an annual request and the annual report the CLID provided will be required annually going forward as well. The amount will remain the same at $40,000, but since the district has grown the cost per household has gone down from what it was in 2012. This growth is expected to continue so cost per household should also continue to decline.

Tim Singleton provided the Treasurer’s report. We haven’t had a meeting since this past May so Tim provided an update for May, June and July. There were no expenses in May. Expenses for June included the spring treatment costs, and the first half of the levy was also paid. July expenses included WSB carp program costs.

Joel Larsen provided an update on working more closely with the New Prague Sportsman’s Club. All agreed this was a good idea and we should try to determine ways to collaborate with them on areas that are of common interest regarding the lake. Joel is going to initiate further discussions with them to determine how best to proceed.

The meeting adjourned via motion from Pam Caselius and seconded by Paul Hoyt at 8:00 PM.

The next meeting date was set for Monday, October 4th at 6:30 PM at Paul Hoyt's home garage.