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January 8, 2018

Cedar Lake Improvement District meeting notes from January 8, 2018 from 6:30 – 10 pm at the New Prague Public Library

Attendees: Marie Jaeger, Dave Nielsen, Sam Dresow Joel Larson, Tim Schroeder, Tim Singleton and Barb Novotny and guest Kylie Cattoor of DNR

Agenda Items Discussed
• Kylie Cattoor of DNR regarding questions by directors various topics
• Treasurer's Report
• Don Geyer's Change of Mind and Hiring New Commercial Fishermen
• Other options for carp removal
• Budget for 2018 & Weed Treatment Areas/Options
• Preparation for Ice Clean-Up Day after Ice House Removal Deadline
• Board of Director openings
• Ice In/Ice Out List for website

Marie called the meeting to order.

Kylie Cattoor of DNR was invited to attend the meeting and she covered a wide range of topics. Five directors and Kylie had attended a meeting held at Scott County on January 4 with SWMO, DNR, PLM and CLID to discuss future treatments beyond 2018 since the 10-year plan didn't specify the scope of additional treatments which was to be determined after 2012-2018 planned treatments.

Kylie addressed the successful curly leaf pondweed (CLP) control to date, its decline and positive increase of native plants. There was a great deal of positive feedback in regards to the results of the 10-year plan and recommendations were made to continue with additional treatments beyond the 15% typically approved by the DNR for lake treatments and formulate a plan for an additional 3 to 5 years with input from all groups involved.

The necessity of completing point-intercept surveys twice a year (in the spring to confirm location of CLP and by early August for comparing native plant population) by either the DNR or SWMO. Kylie was going to discuss responsibility for those studies with SWMO to ensure they are timely and completed annually.

Kylie expressed being confident that CLP was currently our main Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) concern since zebra mussels and Eurasian milfoil aren't present in Cedar. It was felt that the lake's mucky bottom and poor water quality might be reasons for their absence. Recommendations were made to maintain due diligence in the prevention and spread of other AIS. Kylie reviewed and answered questions about the 2017 Aquatic Vegetation Report. The results will be posted on our website when the DNR finalizes it.

Other topics discussed included regular stocking of fish and draining of farm fields directly into Cedar. Everyone felt that the meeting was very informative and that annual meetings with SWMO, DNR and CLID should continue. The board appreciated and thanked Kylie for attending the evening meeting.

Dave reviewed November and December expenses/income and presented Barb with copies of bank statements for board records. He also suggested considering changing banks in order to make more interest on accounts. He was going to contact some local banks/credit union to compare rates and present findings at February board meeting.

Don Geyer, our designated licensed commercial fisherman has changed his commitment for carp removal. In September the board sent him a letter asking him to commit in writing to seining in fall 2017, winter and spring 2018. Don signed the letter indicating he was not interested in fall but would do the winter/spring 2018 seining. When the contract was sent to Don in December for the winter seine, he called to indicate he would not be interested since he did not plan to carry liability insurance which was a requirement of the contract. He then sent the board a signed letter stating this change which would allow the CLID to hire another commercial fisherman. Contact was made to several other state-licensed commercial fishermen which resulted in no accepted contracts due to the lack of a viable market for carp at this time.

Other alternatives for carp removal that the board is considering for 2018 is a contract with Carp Solutions using the box netting method and the annual Carp Kabob Tournament in an effort to achieve the recommended removal of approximately 700 carp annually (estimated 10% of carp population per 2017 study).

CLID and SWMO based their 2018 treatment budget on results of 2017 CLP survey and actual costs to treat all the CLP found in the lake. SWMO had to have their budget completed by the end of August for their annual approval process through the county. It was approved by the end of December. The CLID presents their budget request for the yearly treatment at the annual meeting in April. It is in line with previous budgeted amounts.

Initial discussion of Ice Clean Up Day took place. Joel Larsen will head up this event. Typically it has been held the Sunday following the DNR's deadline for ice house removal from Twin City lakes. Joel will confirm that date and more discussion to follow at February meeting.

The Board is still inviting members of the CLID District to consider volunteering to become a board member to replace directors as they leave at the end of their terms. Marie reported that two individuals had requested further information after the posting on our website. To date, only one has completed the application and is the likely next board director. Please consider being part of this very important and rewarding task. We need residents to fill any openings. If you are interested, please go to the website and fill out an application or request further information. You will be contacted. It's not a commitment at this point but just an indication of your interest.

CLID is looking for an ICE IN/ICE OUT record of Cedar Lake. If anyone knows of such a list, please contact us. We would like to post that record on our website.

Joel motioned to adjourn the meeting and Dave seconded.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, February 12, 2018 at the New Prague Library from 6:30-8pm.