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March 12, 2018

Cedar Lake Improvement District Meeting notes from Monday, March 12, 2018 from 6:30-9:00 p.m. at the New Prague Library.

Attendees: Marie Jaeger, Dave Nielsen, Joel Larson, Sam Dresow, Tim Singleton and Tim Schroeder.

Agenda Items Discussed:
• Treasurer's Report
• Directors positions and vacancies
• Lake Clean Up
• Carp Tournament and Box Netting
• Annual Meeting Preparation
• Lake Treatment LVMP for 2018-2021 and Funding

Marie called the meeting to order.

Tim Singleton reviewed the January income and expenses and provided Marie with a copy of the bank statement for board records. Dave Nielsen has officially vacated the position of treasurer due to new job requirement but will still present the treasurer's report at the annual meeting.

Joel reviewed the 2018 Annual Lake Clean Up that occurs about a week after the DNR's deadline of ice house removals from the lake. The event held Saturday, March 10, from 9-10:30 a.m. was a great success with strong turn-out of volunteers including the Sportsman's Club, Trap Shoot Club, local Boy Scouts and area residents. Due to the amount of snow on the ice it was difficult to find all of the trash but plenty was still gathered, removed and placed in dumpsters provided by Lakers Sanitation. Joel also advised that for next year he would be asking the boy scouts to place the bags on houses before the ice off date at it was not something the CLID board was able to do this year due to the heavy snow and busy schedules.

Sam has been in charge of the Carp Kabob for the last few years and has done a great job in securing the financing from a county grant fund via yearly application, completing and posting yearly updates and receiving applications from entrants and eventually running the tournament. With his departure, Tim Schroeder and Dave Nielsen have agreed to co-chair. Sam did verify the grant money is available again this year and we will be able to apply for it to cover the cost of the prize money for the tournament. Sam provided Dave with all of the signage for the tournament for storage. The date for this year's event will be the evening of Friday May 18th until sunrise on the 19th.

Marie reviewed the Annual Meeting agenda and Dave has agreed to gather all of the slides from each presenter and place them in a single presentation. Dave will also get 100 handout copies made that are 2 slides per page and double sided for meeting attendees. Marie purchased the mailing labels, postcards and postage for the meeting notification and they are ready to be mailed at the end of March to all residents on record within the CLID. She handed out a sample of the postcards to the directors.

Sam provided an update on optional buoys for homeowners that both Cedar Lake Township and Helena Township are considering to mark 150 feet from shoreline to conform to lower speeds to be followed per boating/water licensing rules. Many water enthusiasts are not following this rule which creates safety concerns for a variety of other users of the lake (swimmers, paddle boarders, fishermen, kayakers, etc.) and high speeds create bank erosion. A similar program is currently in place on Prior Lake and has worked well from his understanding. Their program has information about the buoys at each launch and standardized buoys indicating no wake speeds within 150 of shore. He is working to put some items together for presentation at the annual meeting but has not yet completed it.

Cedar's Lake Vegetation Management Plan (LVMP) expired in February 2018. The DNR drafted a continuation of LVMP from 2/2018 to 2/2021 to coincide with our 10-year treatment plan. Marie advised she had reviewed the continuation and a few minor changes were made. It is in the signature process. Some major points were to continue with the current chemical application of Aquathol since it has been working effectively to reduce the curly leaf pondweed (CLP) since 2012 and the that the DNR will continue allowing a variance to treat over 15% of the lake where more CLP is discovered in the yearly spring plant survey. If left untreated, the CLP would again multiply and take over the native plants that are now returning.

Tim Schroeder reviewed a spreadsheet he had put together regarding funding lake treatment costs over the next few years. With the apparent decreases in contributions by SWMO, along with no more DNR funding due to legislative action, the CLID will be required to pick up a majority of the costs for treatment going forward. There was discussion around how much treatment the lake will need and what the CLID's budget can accommodate for the treatments. After further review, Tim is going to revise his report. This will also be discussed at the April annual meeting with the residents.

Tim Singleton provided an update on carp box netting and what will be needed for the program for carp removal. Dave volunteered to allow Carp Solutions to store bait corn at his house this summer and to work with Tim to feed the carp during the baiting process. This program will be presented in greater detail at the annual meeting by Tim and Carp Solutions.

Tim Singleton made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Dave seconded. The next CLID board meeting will be the Annual Meeting to be held on Tuesday April 10th, 2018 at 7 pm at the New Prague Fire & Emergency Services Building.