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May 14, 2018

Cedar Lake Improvement District Meeting notes from Monday, May 14, 2018 from 6:30-8 p.m. at the New Prague Library.

Attendees:  Marie Jaeger, Dave Nielsen, Joel Larson, Jeff Gorman, Tim Singleton and Tim Schroeder.

Agenda Items Discussed:

  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Annual Meeting Review
  • Carp Kabob Tournament
  • Carp Box Netting
  • Lake Treatment Plant Survey
  • Buoys

Marie called the meeting to order.

Tim Singleton reviewed the January income and expenses and provided Dave with a copy of the bank statement for board records. 

Marie reviewed the 2018 Annual meeting and all agreed the content and discussion was excellent.  The turnout was light due to the fact there were several conflicting events that night with the largest being the MVEC meeting at the High School.  The CLID is hopeful that next year’s event will have better turnout as it really does help keep the lake the healthiest when the entire district is involved. 

Dave, Tim Schroeder and Barb will be running the Carp Kabob this year and will be meeting at the east launch at 9 pm Friday night.  The financing from a county grant fund via a yearly application is completed and secured.  The tournament is full thanks to some hard work by Barb to get the word out and secure commitments to participate.  Joel noted he has already seen pre-fishing which is excellent news for the lake’s health.  The tournament will conclude Saturday morning at 5:30 am with weigh-ins to follow at the east launch.

Tim Singleton provided an update on carp box netting and what will be needed for the program for carp removal.  The contract is signed and training for those working to help with baiting will be conducted in New Brighton in the next few weeks.  Trial baiting will start at the end of June at six locations to decide on the best locations for the 4 box net areas.  Box nets are quite large at 30 ft x 60 ft.   Tim is preparing a posting to the website describing the process and need for volunteers to bait the nets with corn and to allow the nets to be installed in front of their shorelines.

Cedar’s Lake’s weed treatment plant survey should be completed by 5/15 with a map of curly leaf locations from the DNR and PLM to follow soon after.  Once all information is known on proposed treatment areas and acreage involved, the board with work with SWMO and DNR to decide on a treatment plan and put it into action soon.  The CLID is hopeful weeds will be light this year with all of the snow cover but no one knows for sure if this will be the case.  There is also concern there will be a late start and some of the areas still infected will not be identified with the survey.  Some of our neighboring lakes have reported significant declines in Curly Leaf Pond weed including O’Dowd which is now completely free of it after years of treatment. 

Marie reviewed past discussions by the board for possible purchase by lakeshore homeowners of optional buoys that both Cedar Lake Township and Helena Township would have to approve to place buoys to mark 150 feet from shoreline to conform to lower speeds to be followed per boating/water licensing state regulations.  Many water enthusiasts are not following this rule which creates safety concerns for a variety of other users of the lake (swimmers, paddle boarders, fishermen, kayakers, etc.)   Additionally, another issue is that high speeds create bank erosion when closer to shore.  These optional buoys would be voluntarily placed by interested homeowners as a visible measure of the 150 foot distance.   A similar program is currently in place on Prior Lake and apparently has worked well.  Their program has information about the buoys at each launch and standardized shoreline buoys indicating no wake speeds within 150 feet of shore.    Sam was working on this project but retired from the board so Jeff Gorman agreed to continue with the project.  Eventually the townships would hold public meetings before an ordinance would pass.

Marie indicated that Scott Watershed Management Organization’s (SWMO) Comprehensive Water Resources Management Plan for 2019-2026 that Melissa had mentioned briefly at the annual meeting had a deadline of May 23 for feedback from the public on SWMO’s plans for projects and funding.  It is hoped that residents will review these plans and share their opinions in regards to plans for Cedar Lake.  To view the plan, go to

Tim Singleton made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Tim Schroeder seconded. The next CLID board meeting will be held on Monday, September 10, 2018 at 6:30 pm at the New Prague Public Library.