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September 10, 2018

Cedar Lake Improvement District Meeting notes from Monday, September 10, 2018 from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at the New Prague Library.

Attendees:  Marie Jaeger, Dave Nielsen, Joel Larson, Jeff Gorman, Tim Singleton, Barb Novotny and Tim Schroeder.

Agenda Items discussed:

  • Treasurer’s Report
  • DNR and SWMO’s change to the remaining 10 year plan about spring plant survey
  • Change in board positions and need for new directors since we have had no response to our request to date.
  • Carp Box Netting
  • Other misc updates on projects

Marie called the meeting to order.

Tim Singleton reviewed the income and expenses for June, July and August and provided Dave with a copy of the bank statement for board records. Marie reviewed the 10-year budget, income and expenses to date. 

Marie reviewed the DNR and SWMO’s requested changes to the spring plant survey and how the DNR is requesting the CLID now fund a Curly Leaf Pondweed Survey prior to treatment using a third-party contractor. According to the Lake Vegetation Management Plan recently updated, signed and posted on our website covering 2/2018-2/2021, these surveys were going to be completed by the SWMO along with the support of the DNR. It will cost the CLID a few thousand dollars annually to cover these surveys which aren’t in our annual budget. After much deliberation it was agreed that the CLID would likely fund these going forward. Barb volunteered to contact the list of companies supplied by the DNR to learn their techniques and costs for completing plant surveys and will share that information with the board at an upcoming meeting. Tim Schroeder is going to reach out to Patrick at PLM to get his recommendations as well and forward those to Barb. 

Earlier this year, Dave resigned as Treasurer and Tim Singleton took over those duties. Dave now resumed as being the board’s current secretary.  Barb stepped down so she can work on other occasional projects for the board.

Marie reported that we have had no responses to our requests for board director replacements as directors’ terms expire or a need arises for a replacement for various reasons. We posted the need on our website and mentioned it at our annual meeting. She asked that all current board members reach out to anyone in the district to ask for their help. Hopefully, residents will step up to keep the CLID functioning and continuing the worthwhile work that has been done since the early 1980s to clean up Cedar.  

Tim Singleton provided an overview on the carp box netting project. The project netted zero carp and Tim felt the project dragged out too long as did the rest of the board. In order to save money, all of the board directors participated for two months in checking the bait sacks daily and filling them as needed. As instructed by Carp Solutions, we put out bait sacks around the lake to find likely spots for placement of the box nets and finally had good feeding activity at 3 of the 4 sites at one point. We then chose the best four locations and Carp Solutions set up the four box nets. After putting in the nets, there was no carp feeding activity at any of the 4 sites. It picked up slightly but never to the initial carp activity level. When the nets were pulled, everyone was shocked that not one carp was netted. This was true not only of the board but Carp Solutions as well. As a result, Carp Solutions graciously offered to end the project with no cost to the CLID at all. The CLID agreed to end the project early after a vote in August. Various possible reasons for the lack of carp were discussed. The one suggested by the owner of Carp Solutions was that the smaller number of estimated carp in the lake had plenty of other food sources available by the end of July so they weren’t interested in the corn offered in the bait sacks.  A motion was made and carried unanimously that no future projects with box nets would occur at this time.

Marie informed the board that she had gone through the boxes of CLID files/records since they weren’t in any type of order. She had sorted them by year since 1980 so it involved a lot of records. She indicated that in sorting through the files, she learned a great deal about the history of the lake and the formation of the CLID and issues that were faced then and how they compare with what the district is working on today. She suggested that each director take a few yearly files and make a list of the communications and facts in each file. She would then consolidate that information into an index in order for future boards to find specific information about any pertinent data or proposed projects. After some discussion it was determined that it would be best to find some students or volunteers who could take on this project to write summaries for the board to review rather than having to review them all themselves. Dave is checking with one of the National Honor Society coordinators to see if he can find any volunteers to take on the project. The board is open to other options as well.

While sorting through the files, Marie discovered an email/memo that indicated one additional home still had not hooked up to the Cedar Lake Sewer system. She wasn’t sure if that was still valid. Dave is going to check with the Cedar Lake Sewer board to get an update on that home and whether it had complied by their set deadline for all septic systems to be inoperable around the lake and hooked up to the city sewer system.

Jeff provided an update on the optional buoys for homeowners that both Cedar Lake Township and Helena Township are considering to mark 150 feet from shoreline to conform to lower speeds to be followed per boating/water licensing rules for boats and jet skis.  As mentioned previously many water enthusiasts are not following this boating regulation which creates safety concerns for a variety of other users of the lake (swimmers, paddle boarders, fishermen, kayakers, etc.)  and high speeds create bank erosion. It was hoped that by putting out the buoys, the boaters would realize how far 150 feet from shore actually is so they can comply with these regulations. A similar program is currently in place on Prior Lake and has worked well from Jeff’s understanding. Their program has information about the buoys at each launch and standardized buoys indicating no wake speeds within 150 feet of shore. Both Helena and Cedar Lake Township are going to have a vote to determine the viability of the project and then would hold public meetings for input before finalizing. If the votes both pass in favor of the program, it can be implemented on a voluntary basis by homeowners who would be interested in purchasing and placing marker buoys in front of their properties. Jeff will have additional information as it becomes available.     

Marie made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Dave seconded. The next CLID board meeting will be  held on Monday,  October 8,  2018 at 6:30 pm at the New Prague Public Library.