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November 12, 2018

Cedar Lake Improvement District Meeting notes from Monday, November 12, 2018 from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at the New Prague Library.

Attendees: Marie Jaeger, Dave Nielsen, Joel Larson, Jeff Gorman and Tim Schroeder. Guest: Amy Rude.

Agenda Items discussed:
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • New Board Director to fill vacancy
  • Plant survey update and cost to CLID
  • Update on buoy markersp
  • Log of CLID Files

Marie called the meeting to order.

Tim Singleton was not able to attend so no treasurer’s report was provided.

Marie advised that Barb had resigned as a director and would not be able to attend any future meetings as a director before her planned retirement in April. Marie introduced Amy Rude who was in attendance and was interested in joining the board to fill Barb’s position. Amy came to the board in response to a posting on our website and is building a new home in the district.

Marie suggested dates for the 2019 annual meeting and it was unanimously approved that the 2019 meeting would be held on Monday, April 8, 2019. Marie will verify the availability of the Fire & Emergency Services Building with Chief Tikalsky and reserve it if possible.

Tim Schroeder and Joel are scheduled to meet with Keegan from the DNR and Melissa from Scott Watershed Management Organization (SWMO) within the week at the DNR’s St. Paul office to discuss their requested changes to the spring plant survey. As a reminder they have asked the CLID to now fund a Curly Leaf Pondweed Survey prior to treatment using a third-party contractor. This had been completed by the DNR/SWMO in the past and is a departure from the approved Lake Vegetation Plan. At the September meeting, Barb had volunteered to contact the list of companies supplied by the DNR to learn their techniques and costs for completing plant surveys. She reported that she had reached out to several contractors and had received two proposals back and an additional one would be forthcoming soon but after follow-up the third never responded. Joel and Tim will report back to the board in January about this new requirement.

Jeff provided an update on the buoy program. He had been in contact with Paul Nelson of SWMO and after further discussion it was determined that there was some confusion with the program. The board’s focus is on a voluntary program with standardized buoys placed 150 feet from shore only for homeowners who wish to participate such as the program on Prior Lake. It is not a lakewide No Wake policy but is intended to make boaters/jet skiers aware of their distance from shore in order for them to comply with DNR rules and regulations which require that slow speeds be maintained within 150 feet of shore. Homeowners who are concerned with the abuse of this regulation would have the opportunity to place a buoy out from their property to aid in providing safety for all water users. Jeff is going to provide a further update in January after getting more clarification from Helena and Cedar Lake townships.

Marie brought up the need for carp removal options/ideas since seining Cedar is of no interest to licensed commercial fisherman and box netting was not successful. Other tournament options involving residents and carp bow fisherman were discussed as potential options. Joel and Tim Schroeder are going to contact various fishing groups/individuals to get their input on a few ideas for further discussion at the next board meeting.

Marie brought up again that she had gone through the boxes of CLID files/records since they weren’t in any type of order. She had sorted them by year since 1970s so it involved a lot of records. She indicated that in sorting through the files, she learned a great deal about the history of the lake and the formation of the CLID and issues that were faced then and how they compare with what the district is working on today. She suggested that each director take a few yearly files and make a list of the communications and facts in each file. She would then consolidate that information into an index in order for future boards to find specific information about any pertinent data or proposed projects. Marie brought the files and divided them equally for each director to index each file/year as earlier proposed. The files will be returned to Marie any time prior to the end of February. After completing a full index, she would give all files to Dave as secretary to return to the district’s file cabinet.

Tim Schroeder brought up that a budget review needs to occur again in January based on what he and Joel find at their meeting with Keegan from the DNR and Melissa from the SWMO.

Marie made a motion to vote Amy Rude in as our new board member and Dave seconded it. The motion passed unanimously.

Marie made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Joel seconded. The next CLID board meeting will be on Monday, January 14, 2019 at 6:30 pm at the New Prague Public Library.