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May 6, 2019

Cedar Lake Improvement District (CLID) Meeting Minutes held on May 6, 2019, 6:30-8:00 pm at the New Prague Public Library

Attendees: Dave Nielsen, Joel Larson, Tim Singleton, Tim Schroeder, Amy Rude, Paul Hoyt and Pam Caselius along with Dean and Sam Sunderlin from Circle Lake Improvement District (guests).

Agenda Items discussed:

      • Treasurer’s Report


      • Annual Meeting Feedback/Recap


      • Carp Tournament


      • Website Management


      • Lake Treatment - CLP


Tim Schroeder introduced our guests Dean and Sam, Sunderlin from the Circle Lake Improvement District who were in attendance to learn how the CLID operated. The Circle Lake LID is very new. The LID is looking for advice on areas of focus and how best to address them, as they establish their priorities moving forward.

Tim Singleton presented the treasurer’s report. Minimal expenses were incurred except for printing materials for the annual meeting.

Tim Schroeder discussed a website posting request that had been made by the SWMO and asked for a volunteer to assist with submitting information to Bevcomm to post on the website. Amy volunteered to do so and will be going forward. After some follow-up discussion it was also decided that the website could use some freshening up. Amy to look at options to do so and will report back to the board accordingly. Pam also volunteered to help Amy in this process.
Tim also advised that 2019 applying with the new chemical treatment called Sonar had begun. Sonar is a different type of treatment than Aquathol and the entire lake is being treated. Dave brought up the fact that PLM did not place any yard signs on shoreline properties to advise the owner of the activity. Tim Schroeder responded indicating, per Melissa, the notifications were to occur at both landings as well as the website. Tim is going to check and see if this is acceptable per the terms of the county’s agreement with PLM and report back.

Tim Schroeder advised that the state was considering changes to the commercial fisherman for carp removal but nothing yet defined. He will update us as he hears more around this topic.

Tim Singleton motioned for adjournment and Tim Schroeder seconded.

Next Board of Directors meeting is at 6:30 pm at the New Prague Library on September 9, 2019.