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March 2, 2020

Cedar Lake Improvement District (CLID) Meeting Minutes held on March 2, 2020, 6:30-8:00 pm at the New Prague Public Library.  

Attendees: Dave Nielsen, Joel Larsen, Tim Schroeder, Paul Hoyt and Pam Caselius

-Treasurer's report
-Board of Directors renewals
-Levy Renewal prep discussion
-Carp Seining discussion Carp Kabob
-Winter Lake Clean-Up
-Draft plan for improvement projects
-Annual Meeting prep

Tim Singleton was out due to family emergency so no treasurer’s report was presented. No major expenses were incurred based on board members' knowledge.

Tim Schroeder started the meeting advising that the dumpsters were in place from Laker’s for the lake clean-up and felt that the CLID needed to do something to recognize them for all they have given to help out the lake. It was agreed Dave would work with Tikalsky Engraving to see what they could offer to accommodate.

Dave provided an update from he and Tim Singleton’s meeting with the Sportsman’s Club. There was good turn out and the club is anxious to help with the all lake clean-up set to take place on March 7,2020 at 9 am at the north landing. The club was anxious to help and was also going to promote it on KCHK radio. This is a weather permitting event and if warm weather creates unsafe conditions the event will be cancelled.

Tim Schroeder reviewed the 10 year plan and the board discussed options for the levy renewal. Tim also advised that he was working on a budget analysis and would have more to come on this as we prep for the 2022 renewal process.

Joel advised that he had spoken with Jeff Reiderman about the possibility of seining carp this fall. Jeff now works with a firm called WSB who does water quality management for all lakes. Jeff was interested in working with us and advised that gill netting of carp is now an option. More discussion is needed after the annual meeting.

Tim Schroeder advised that Singleton provided an update on the targeted Carp Kabob for this spring of 2020. He sent out a survey to prior participants to check on interest, timing and format and only 2 of the 10 responded. For this reason it was determined there was a lack of interest and it would not take place in 2020 but revisited for 2021.

Dave reviewed information sent to the CLID from the University of MN aquatic invasive species center and the board agreed a link to their website should be added to ours. The link is as follows:

Tim Schroeder again reminded everyone our annual meeting this year will be 4-13-2020 at 7 pm at the New Prague Fire Station and that he would be sending out the draft presentation for each board member and speaker to review and edit as necessary prior to our next meeting.

Dave motioned to adjourn seconded by Joel.

Next board meeting set for the all annual meeting on April 13, 2020 at 7pm at the New Prague Fire Station and May meeting set for May 4th at the library again.