Spring Clean Up:  CANCELLED!!
Volunteers needed at the Cedar Lake Clean Up Event this Saturday, March 7th, starting at 9:00 AM! We'll meet at the North boat launch . . .  Click here for more information.

The Sportsman Club started the aerator on Thursday, Janury 30, 2020. Oxygen levels are at a healthy level.

Spring Fish Kill:
Please note that the recent fish kill on Cedar Lake is NOT due to chemicals used to treat curly leaf pond weed. The DNR confirmed that it's due to Columnaris disease which is caused by bacteria from Chondrococcus columnaris. For more information, go to Informational Links along the left and click on Spring Fish Kill.

Arsenic in Well Water:
Recent well water testing by Scott County found that some wells in your township contained concerning levels of arsenic. We recommend you have your well tested for arsenic if you have not done so already. It should only need to be done once.

For more information and how to obtain a test kit and treatment options go to: https://www.scottcountymn.gov/728/Contaminants.

Test kits are available for purchase at the Scott County Government Center in Shakopee.

The disposal of yard and animal waste, leaves, raked lake weeds and dead animals into the lake is considered littering and is a fineable expense per the Scott County Sheriff's Department. Please dispose of these items properly and not into Cedar Lake. Anyone witnessing a violation, please call the Sheriff's office at 952-445-1411 to report it. Residents have been diligent about not littering the lake and doing their part to improve the overall water quality. Thank you.

Fellow CLID residents:
We have seven directors on the board.  Terms are three years that are staggered.  Every year there are two or three board directors’ terms that end. If a director does not renew his term for another three years, a vacancy occurs that needs to be filled by another resident within the CLID boundaries. Vacancies have occurred for other reasons before terms end. In the past, we have had a waiting list of residents ready to step in when vacancies occur. At this point, we do not have anyone. We need replacements so please consider joining the board. Per our bylaws, we need seven directors. Click on Board Members box on left to open and then “Complete this Form” to sign up.  You will receive a phone call to discuss further.

What does it entail? The board meets once a month from 6:30-8 pm at the New Prague Library. We currently meet on the second Monday of the month. We have eight scheduled board meetings per year but typically do not meet in June, July, August and December. We also hold an annual meeting in April for residents. Each director does spend a few hours each year on various projects. Frequently directors volunteer to help each other out with the major ones (Carp Kabob Tournament, Lake Clean-Up Day). Not only are they a fun social event but provide a sense of accomplishment on improving the quality of the lake. 

What do the current directors have to pass along as to why they are on the board?    “I have met more people from around the lake than I would have without being on the board. It gives me a sense of being a contributing member to a small community sharing similar goals of cleaning up the lake.”    “I want to ensure the lake keeps improving or maintaining the work that has been accomplished thus far. The few hours I donate to that effort over a year seems minimal when I can enjoy the results.”   “It’s also an educational experience in learning first-hand about ongoing and new threats to the quality of Cedar Lake and being involved in curtailing them.”  “I like having the benefit of insuring my lakeshore real estate investment is protected.” 

Welcome to Cedar Lake Improvement!

Welcome to the Cedar Lake Improvement District's (CLID) website. Browse the background information and view the parcel map to see if you reside in the CLID, educate yourself by reviewing the lake management plan or check in on the progress of current projects. CLID residents can even share their fun lake photos or post in the lost and found section in order to connect with neighbors.

The CLID is comprised of residencies and open land, both on and near 793 acre Cedar lake in Scott County, MN. Public entities that lie within the specified CLID boundaries include Cedar Lake Farm Regional Park and two public boat landings.

The CLID is overseen by a volunteer board. Board members recognize that those living or owning land within CLID boundaries are stakeholders in the health and quality of Cedar Lake. Through communication with residents, partnerships and/or collaborations with public/private organizations, the CLID works to recognize the water and lake quality challenges of today and make Cedar Lake an improved resource for the future.