Minutes of Board Meetings

Cedar Lake Improvement District (CLID) Meeting Minutes held on October 14 2019, 6:30-8:00 pm at the New Prague Public Library

Attendees: Dave Nielsen, Joel Larsen, Tim Singleton, Tim Schroeder, Amy Rude, Paul Hoyt and Pam Caselius

-Treasurer’s report and update on book to consider
-Review of private land improvement help for lake conditions improvement
-Carp 2020
-Lakeshore restoration and fertilizers

Tim Singleton presented the treasurers report. No expenses were incurred.

Tim Schroeder brought up private land owner improvement ideas that Scott County had identified as helping improve lake conditions from the 2018 TMDL report. The majority of these landowners have been approached with some agreeing to work with the county but many not responding indicating an unwillingness to do so. There are at least 18 ideas that could help the lake that have yet to be implemented. The details on these have not been given to the CLID but the feeling from the board is we should do all we can to pursue them from the county and then do all we can within reason to help implement them. More discussion and details are needed to build out a plan to accommodate.

Tim Singleton brought up Carp removal options/ideas since seining Cedar is now open to all commercial fishermen. After discussion it was concluded that we would consider the Carp Kabob tournament again for 2020 and reaching out to some licensed commercial fisherman for seining quotes. Tim is going to contact various groups/individuals to see if there is any interest in a bonus type program that could occur prior to the tournament if the DNR and Sheriff’s department would allow it. He will continue to try and come up with ideas for further discussion at the next board meeting. Pam agreed to check with Melissa on Commercial Fisherman options under the new parameters and follow-up at the next meeting.

A brief conversation regarding the website was the next topic up for discussion. It was determined that at this time no major changes could be made other than changing pictures or text which is done already on an occasional basis. The board members are going to review pictures they have in their files to see if any would make sense to add.

Tim Schroeder followed up on our September meeting area of focus around lawn fertilizers and the run-off from them into the lake. As had been determined many homeowners over-fertilize and don’t have a barrier to protect the lake from the run-off. The board agreed we needed to help promote shoreline restoration where possible. Joel suggested working with the Soil Conservation district regarding CRP opportunities. Tim Singleton volunteered to reach out to the county to see what resources where available to assist in this effort. The board all agreed a plan was needed to further educate lakeshore homeowners about this problem and discussion was again to be continued at our next meeting.

Pam motioned for adjournment and Tim Singleton seconded.

Next Board of Directors meeting is at 6:30 pm at the New Prague Library on Monday November 4th, 2019.