Minutes of Board Meetings

Cedar Lake Improvement District Meeting notes from Monday, February 11, 2019 from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at the New Prague Library.

Attendees: Marie Jaeger, Dave Nielsen, Joel Larson, Tim Singleton, Jeff Gorman, Tim Schroeder, Amy Rude, Paul Hoyt and Pam Caselius.

Agenda Items discussed:

    • Treasurer’s Report
    • Board of Directors
    • Lake Clean-up Preparation and Date
    • Buoy Update
    • 2019 Lake Treatment Bids/Winning Contractor/Chemical Options
    • 2019 Annual Meeting Agenda Updates
    • Septic System Update

Marie called the meeting to order.

Tim Singleton provided the treasurer’s report on income/expenses and provided a copy to Dave for board records.

Marie introduced the board to two new nominees who were in attendance. They were Pam Caselius and Paul Hoyt. Paul will replace Marie effective at the annual meeting for the remainder of her term (through 2021). Marie was going to retire last year at the end of her term but there were no board replacements so she renewed her term until one was found. Jeff announced his resignation effective immediately as he will no longer be residing in the district as of the end of February. Marie introduced Pam Caselius as his replacement through April 2021. Both Pam and Paul came to the board in response to a posting on our website. After introductions and discussions, both were unanimously elected with Pam’s term starting immediately and Paul’s starting at the annual meeting in April.

Joel provided an update the on the annual winter lake clean up. The boy scouts will be putting clean-up bags on fish houses around February 23rd since all permanent houses are due off the lake by the 28th. Clean-up is scheduled for March 9th so Joel can head the event. Dave and Amy volunteered to assist and Marie will be bringing water and snacks for the volunteers. The Sportsman’s Club and Laker’s Sanitation have provided various assistance in the past and will likely continue this year. A posting will be put on the website indicating date, time and request for volunteers.

Jeff provided his final update on the buoy program. After much research and contact with both Paul Nelson of Scott Watershed Management Organization and the Scott County Sheriff’s Department, it was determined that the only option for the program was to have interested individual property owners apply for their own permits from the Sheriff’s Department. Tim Schroeder was going to verify this with the Sheriff’s office. There is no option for a coordinated lake-wide program at this time and this would be a voluntary program only for homeowners who wish to participate. Information will be provided at the annual meeting.

Tim Schroeder provided an update on the lake treatment bids. He advised that of the 8 contractors who were invited to bid only 2 responded with a qualified offer. PLM won again with the bid including two chemical treatment options using either Aquathol or Fluridone (aka Sonar). Prior treatments have all been with Aquathol which has been effective but the Fluridone bid is about 50% less in cost. Tim noted that after a budget review we needed to strongly consider the Sonar option. Our local DNR representative has indicated both are safely used on Minnesota lakes with similar results and he would have no problem approving of either one. After much discussion it was determined that we reach out to some of the current lake organizations using Sonar to get their opinions on its use. Tim Schroeder received a list of a few lakes with contacts that are currently using it and Amy has agreed to reach out to them and then report back to the board once she has their feedback. Marie will ask her Lake Benton contact for an update on their 2018/2019 lake treatment program using Sonar. They have used Sonar for many years to treat their 3000 acres which has similar depths and issues with carp and curly leaf pondweed. Board members were encouraged to each conduct research to gather more information on Sonar for further discussion at our March meeting.

Marie reviewed the current 10-year tax levy which goes through 2022. She wanted to remind the board that a new tax levy vote would need to be approved by the residents at the 2022 annual meeting in order to be implemented starting in 2023. The CLID will have the benefit of a few more years of lake treatments when considering funding.

Marie also provided post card options for the annual meeting invitation. After a close vote, one was selected and the board approved of the invitation. She will coordinate printing and mailing of the cards.

Tim Schroeder was unanimously voted in as the new chairman of the CLID Board in an earlier board meeting and will be leading the annual meeting. It was decided that all agenda items should be completed and emailed to Tim prior to the March board meeting when the final draft should be approved.

Dave provided an update on the sewer system and that only one lake home that had not yet connected by the 2018 deadline and was still using a septic system. The Sewer District is working with an attorney and the homeowner has indicated he will cooperate with connecting this year. Dave will check back in the future for an update.

Marie made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Tim Singleton seconded. The next CLID board meeting will be held Monday, March 11, 2019 at 6:30 pm at the New Prague Public Library.