Minutes of Board Meetings

Cedar Lake Improvement District (CLID) Meeting Minutes held on January 4, 2021, 6:30-8:00 pm via Zoom due to COVID.  

Attendees: Dave Nielsen, Joel Larsen, Tim Schroeder, Paul Hoyt, Amy Gallagher,  Tim Singleton, and guest Tony Havranek – Senior Ecologist with WSB

-Carp Seining
-CLID Plant Surveys
-CLID Budget Reporting

Tim Schroeder started the meeting with an introduction to Tony Havranek – Senior Ecologist with WSB. Tony is a former land and resources officer in Northwest Wisconsin and now works as a consultant for WSB specializing in several areas including carp seining. Tony has been involved in many carp seining projects in the area including Prior and Spring lake.

Tony discussed his experience in the area and what he has learned about working with the commercial fishermen in the state. After much discussion one of the ideas discussed was a recon program to determine where the carp are located in Cedar Lake. Tony outlined a strategy whereby they had surgically implanted radio tags into carp and then released them back into the lake to track them to where other carp are and then focus on those areas for seining (netting) that had been successful in other area lakes.

After more discussion it was determined the south end of the lake would be the best option for seining as it has been in the past as it has the least amount of obstructions on the lake bottom and there are many carp in the area. Tim Schroeder suggested and it was approved by the board that the request proposals for recon and for seining which Tony agreed.

Amy provided an update on her inquires with 3 different survey companies who could potentially accommodate the CLID’s desire to collect some of their own data as it relates to types of weeds in the lake. The hope was that one of these could conduct a spring survey to measure Curly Leaf Pond Weed and a Native species check later in the year. Amy reported that one of the 3 quotes was the most attractive and is going to follow-up to determine timing for the surveys. All agreed independent data would be a useful tool when planning treatment programs for the lake going forward and were in support of it.

Tim Schroeder presented a draft report for our annual report to the county. All agreed it looked acceptable and was a good starting to create the report from which we have determined is now a requirement.

Motion to adjourn was made by Tim Schroeder and seconded by Paul. Next meeting set for February 1st, 2020 6:30 pm via zoom or at a board member’s home in their heated garage. Decision yet to be determined based on COVID situation at the time.