Ice Clean-up Cancelled     

     Because of the unstable ice conditions due to the unseasonably warm weather, the “Leave No Trace” ice clean-up tentatively scheduled for March 12 has been cancelled.   The DNR’s deadline for ice houses to be removed from local lakes was Monday, March 6, so our clean-up was scheduled for the following Sunday.  However, most ice houses were removed by mid-February since the ice was getting unstable by then for heavier vehicles and houses.   Now, it’s not even safe for individuals to walk on the ice.

Cedar Lake Carp Study

     Carp Solutions, LLC contracted through the Scott Watershed Management Organization (Scott WMO), has completed implanting radio tags in 20 carp in Cedar Lake in September. Here is important information so you know what to look for if you catch or find a carp that may be tagged:
     First, please notify Melissa Bokman at the Scott WMO so they can retrieve the tag if the fish is not alive or seriously injured to be re-implanted in another fish. They want to have an accurate account of the carp population in the lake & successful study to develop the proper management strategies for Cedar Lake.
     Here is how to identify a radio-tagged carp: Look at the undersides of the carp for an incision that is stitched with dark blue stitching. You will find a silver metal antenna extending out of the fish at an angle near the incision (see photos for example). Photos include the finished sewn incision with the antenna coming out of the side and the other is a little zoomed out picture to give perspective of where you should look for the antenna/incision.

Antenna Incision

What to do if you catch a radio-tagged carp in Cedar Lake: Please release the fish back into the lake if uninjured; If the fish is alive but injured pretty badly (floating near shore struggling to survive or just not acting healthy), contact Melissa at the Scott WMO 1-952-496-8887;
If the carp is dead, hold on to the fish and call Melissa at the Scott WMO 1-952-496-8887 to come pick up.

The disposal of yard and animal waste, leaves, raked lake weeds and dead animals into the lake is considered littering and is a fineable expense per the Scott County Sheriff's Department. Please dispose of these items properly and not into Cedar Lake. Anyone witnessing a violation, please call the Sheriff's office at 952-445-1411 to report it. Thank you.

Welcome to Cedar Lake Improvement!

Welcome to the Cedar Lake Improvement District's (CLID) website. Browse the background information and view the parcel map to see if you reside in the CLID, educate yourself by reviewing the lake management plan or check in on the progress of current projects. CLID residents can even share their fun lake photos or post in the lost and found section in order to connect with neighbors.

The CLID is comprised of residencies and open land, both on and near 793 acre Cedar lake in Scott County, MN. Public entities that lie within the specified CLID boundaries include Cedar Lake Farm Regional Park and two public boat landings.

The CLID is overseen by a volunteer board. Board members recognize that those living or owning land within CLID boundaries are stakeholders in the health and quality of Cedar Lake. Through communication with residents, partnerships and/or collaborations with public/private organizations, the CLID works to recognize the water and lake quality challenges of today and make Cedar Lake an improved resource for the future.