The board consists of seven volunteer members and all are property owners within CLID boundaries. Each board member serves a 3-year term and can serve up to four consecutive terms if elected at the annual meeting. Board members do not receive any salary or compensation for services performed.

The board meets approximately 8 times annually on the second Mondays of a month at the New Prague Public Library. All meetings of the board are open to any district property owner to attend. The date of the next meeting is published at the end of the latest board's minutes which are posted on this website. The board holds an annual meeting in April for Cedar Lake District property owners.

Volunteers to replace outgoing board members as their terms expire are necessary. Complete this form if you are interested and/or want additional information.

Current Board Members

Marie Jaeger, Chairperson
Term expires: April 2021

David Nielsen, Treasurer
Term expires: April 2021

Jeff Gorman
Term expires: April 2021

Joel Larsen
Term expires: April 2019

Tim Schroeder
Term expires: April 2020

Tim Singleton
Term expires: April 2020

Amy Rude
Temporary director to cover current vacancy
until vote by residents at 2019 Annual Meeting