Remember: Salt in Your Yards will Drain to Cedar Lake:
Minnesota has a growing salty water problem that threatens its freshwater fish and other aquatic life. Chloride from both de-icing salt and water softener salt gets into lakes and streams, and groundwater that supplies drinking water. It takes only one teaspoon of salt to permanently pollute five gallons of water. Once in the water, there is no easy way to remove the chloride. (MPCA, Chlorides 101). If you are using salt on your driveways and in your yards, here's information you need to know ...

Cedar Lake Carp Removal Plan:
Carp (an aquatic invasive species in Minnesota) negatively affect water quality and overall ecological integrity of waterbodies by resuspending sediments and nutrients into the water column through feeding and spawning behavior, reducing the abundance of submerged aquatic vegetation, and, to a lesser extent, excretion of waste. Overabundant carp populations can bioengineer the environments they live in and dramatically change the ecology of shallow lake systems.

WSB has agreed to work collaboratively with the Cedar Lake Improvement District (CLID) to manage the common carp population in Cedar Lake. WSB staff have a combined 29 years of experience in carp research and management. Click here for full report.

Caution: Low Water Level Hazard Reported

Over the past weekend, working at the Cedar Lake east launch, our Watercraft Inspector witnessed and interacted with at least 6 watercraft owners who damaged their motors and/or propellers while exiting/entering the lake. The low water levels on the lake have made the rocks and structure of the launch site hazardous for boats whose operators are unaware. The issue has been primarily on the left side of the launch dock if you are looking out at the lake from the parking lot. The lake itself is shallow enough that there are 4 rocks (one of which is already labeled) that are now an issue due to the level.

Please use caution when entering or exiting the lake with your boat trailer.

Check out the link to the new Cedar Lake Improvement District FaceBook Page.

Welcome to Cedar Lake Improvement!

Welcome to the Cedar Lake Improvement District's (CLID) website. Browse the background information and view the parcel map to see if you reside in the CLID, educate yourself by reviewing the lake management plan or check in on the progress of current projects. CLID residents can even share their fun lake photos or post in the lost and found section in order to connect with neighbors.

The CLID is comprised of residencies and open land, both on and near 793 acre Cedar lake in Scott County, MN. Public entities that lie within the specified CLID boundaries include Cedar Lake Farm Regional Park and two public boat landings.

The CLID is overseen by a volunteer board. Board members recognize that those living or owning land within CLID boundaries are stakeholders in the health and quality of Cedar Lake. Through communication with residents, partnerships and/or collaborations with public/private organizations, the CLID works to recognize the water and lake quality challenges of today and make Cedar Lake an improved resource for the future.